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Addre :Room 1305, Building F, No. 22 Tiansheng Road, Jiangbei New District, Nanjing, 210000, China


      Nanjing joyin Pharmatech Co., Ltd mainly engage in the development of new pharmaceutical intermediates and APIs, process optimization, pilot and commercial production.

      The company was founded in Nanjing Valley biological medicine base in 2013, total area 860 square meters. in 2016, the company was passed the Nanjing high-tech enterprises. Currently company have chemical experiment research center, product quality control center and pilot plant which all established in accordance with the c-GMP standard test. The company have more than 20 people, including 10 R & D people, 3 QC people, 2 QA people, they come from domestic well-known universities or research institutes or large-scale R & D and production enterprises, have rich experience in process development, innovation and quality control consciousness.

      The company have two advanced intermediate or API production bases, establish in accordance with the new version of the GMP standard, production capacity reached 500 tons per year. Meanwhile, company also have some orther cooperation of GMP pharmaceutical companies, establish a stable production and service system, can meet the different requirements of quality assurance system and process conditions, can achieve convergence process transfer and enlarging scale and industrialization, as well as the corresponding file registration and audit.

      Since inception, always adhere to technological innovation, adhere to sustainable development, improve the core competitiveness. in just a few years, the company have nearly 3 patents. In 2016, sales exceeded 30 million RMB.

      As a new high-tech enterprises, the company will always uphold the purpose "quality first, service first"